Sports Massage There are 3 different types of sports massage: Sports Maintenance Massage Pre Event Massage Post Event Massage Maintenance massage: A great tool athletes use to keep their bodies in the best condition possible and is done in conjunction with your training. Proper maintenance sessions are scheduled typically no sooner than 24 hours before or after longer training sessions. We go over your training schedule with you during your intake to determine the best timing for your sessions. Whether your goal is your first 5k or your 9th Ironman, massage can help you get there healthier and happier! By evaluating your muscles, we can help identify potential problem areas before they become more serious. As athletes ourselves, we understand and support your drive and determination. We have a wealth of local triathlete coaches, bike fit specialists, gait analysts, yoga teachers, and more to help you achieve your goal! Check out these articles about the benefits of sports massage: Runners World Cyclists Magazine USMSSWIMMER Health and Fitness Pre and Post Event Massage: This is typically provided at the race. It is important to check and make sure you are working with licensed therapists trained in event sports massage. If done improperly, event work can be detrimental. However, done properly, event work can boost your performance and speed up your recovery!! Pre Event Massage: This is done typically between 24 hours to 1 hour before your big event. Pre event massage can help mentally boost your performance as well as help prime your muscles for the vigorous demands you are about to put on them. This style of massage is light and fast compression usually between 5-15 minutes in duration only. Many times your therapist will compress all of your muscles with special consideration on the ones you will be using the most, depending on your event. Post Event Massage: This is a 20 minute session done after you have cooled down from pushing yourself!!! Reward yourself for all your hard work and help yourself recover faster! Studies have shown that post event massage not only relaxes you and puts you in recovery mode psychologically, but it also helps flush your muscles and can decrease the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness as much as 30%. It is extremely important to make sure that you receive your post event massage from properly trained therapists as working or stretching too long, too deeply, or too quickly can actually set you back. Make sure you request working with a licensed and insured therapist at your events! You work hard to train for these events, let us work hard to help you recover!
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